1975 : Soïg records a first album with the Sked group. In the same year, he meets the Irish guitarist Michael O'Donnell who initiates him to certain aspects of the harmony of the guitar. Soïg makes enter this new sound in the Breton music.

: Soïg meets Jaime McMenemy of Battlefield Band and creates the Kornog group with Christian Lemaitre and Jean-Michel Veillon. Kornog goes all over Europe and the United States and records 5 albums. It is during this period that Soig turns to the Breton music. He creates the group Gwerz with Patrick and Jacky Molard, Erik Marchand  and Youenn Bihan with whom he records 3 albums. At the end of the Eighties, Gwerz and Kornog merge to form Pennou Skoulm. The repertory of Pennou Skoulm is essentially based on the Breton music even if new instruments are then played like uileann pipe, the flute or the violin.

: Soïg creates the Den group with Jacky Molard in which they play traditional instruments associated with rhythmic electro acoustics. Soig turns then to the acoustic guitar to improve his technique of open tuning.

: Soïg creates a new group (Trio Kemia) with Franck Lebloas and Alain Rougette. In this period, he also plays with Alain Pennec and the group Rouchta’s band in which the singers Gilbert Bourdin and Laurent Jouin as well as the violonist Fanch Landreau take part.

: Soïg carries out its first solo album ("Digor") distributed by the Gwerz-Pladenn label which is Erik Marchand’s label. He also performs with the guitarist Jacques Pellen.

: Soïg is on tour in the United States with Celtic Fiddle Festival with Kevin Burke, Johnny Cunningham and Christian Lemaitre. He receives the Price of the Academy Charles Cros for the album "Les Ours du Scorff" in which he takes part.

: Soïg travels and performs in England with Celtic Fiddle Turn. He releases his second solo album ("Entre Ardoise et Granit") and records a new disc with" Les Ours du Scorff ".

: Soïg is on tour with the Orion group and records the album "Kerden".

: Soïg's third solo album ("Gwenojenn") is released and is well received by all the critics. All his fellow musicians play in this album: Alain Genty, Karl Gouriou, Jean-Philippe Le Coz, Bachir Mokari, Jacky Molard, Didier Squiban and Alan Stivell.

2000 : release of the album ("Le retour de Oné") with  « Les Ours du Scorff » (Keltia Music)

2001 : release of a new solo album entitled ("Gitar")  (Coop Breizh).

2002 : release of  ("Celtic Guitar Festival") (Greentrax) with Tony Mac Manus, Alain Genty and Steeve Cooney. Participation in the CD  ("Autour de la guitare")  (Polydor) thanks to the guitarist Jean-Felix Lalanne. New album of partitions and fingering charts (Coop Breizh). Album  ("Kan ha gitar") in duet with Laurent Jouin.

2003 : Soïg performs at the Olympia for the Jean-Felix Lalanne "Autour de la guitare" 's concert. Performs during 'Celtic Connection' on Glasgow for Donald Shaw project : 'Harvest'

2004 : Performs on Michael Jones's new CD : 'Prises et reprises'. Performs with Denez Prigent. Realease of 'the clear stream' (Grenntrax) where Soig performs with Alain Genty and Tony Mc Manus

2005 : Release of a new album 'Les Ours du Scorff' titled 'La bonne pÍche !' - Keltia musique